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What is Job matching?

Job matching is precise and quickly brings employers and talents together. With the help of specially developed algorithms, job advertisements from companies are compared with the skills and desires of all talents in the database. The principle is similar to partner exchanges: based on predefined criteria, the algorithm “matches” supply and demand in a few seconds - in the form of job offers and talents who are looking for a new professional challenge.

The result is a list of suitable jobs or talents, which can be directly contacted with just one click.

BirdieMatch takes on the task of using this method to bring talent and logistics companies together quickly and precisely.

Job matching for talents

Are you looking for a new logistics job? Then BirdieMatch is the right place for you. Find out about the advantages of job matching with BirdieMatch. The "BirdieMatching Concept" explains how you can find your dream job easily and quickly. Also take a look at registered companies to know whether your preferred employer is already there.

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Experienced, fast and free

Register and create a meaningful profile in just a few minutes - completely free!
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a perfect fit and efficient

Logistics-specific skills with over 600 matching criteria including heart skills automatically search for the perfect job.
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Get job alerts

Conveniently get suitable offers by email and filter interesting jobs.
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Applications with just one click

Directly contact suitable job offers and employers - without a cover letter and CV!
Birdie­Matching concept
BirdieMatch Prinzip Jobportal Transport Logistik

BirdieMatch Prinzip Jobportal Transport Logistik

The first step before the job matching: Our questionnaire covers your knowledge, but also your individual wishes and goals. The questions are based on our many years of experience in logistics.

What are the main focuses of your career? What experiences do you bring with you? What are your strengths? Our questionnaire covers your knowledge, but also your individual wishes and goals. The questions are based on our many years of experience in logistics. The search for your dream job starts right here!

BirdieMatch Prinzip Jobportal Transport Logistik

Your unique logistics job profile gets created. It reflects your professional personality along with your talents and expectations.

Since we do not just rely on common career criteria when analyzing your career, your answers will result in a unique logistic job profile: that of your professional personality. This picture will not only showcase your talents. It also includes your expectations. And thus, what you personally associate with a dream job.

BirdieMatch Prinzip Jobportal Transport Logistik

Job matching: Your individual job profile gets compared with current job offers in logistics. There is always a score in a match. If the profiles match, both sides can directly contact the other site.

At this point, your individual job profile meets current job offers in logistics. The matching algorithms reflect our many years of experience. This ensures that you only receive offers that best suit your wishes and talents. Dream candidate and dream job - here you will find each other.

BirdieMatch Prinzip Jobportal Transport Logistik

100 points! You have a suitable match! Up to this point, job matching for logistics is anonymous. Now you can get to know your future employer better and show yourself if you want to.

You have found your dream job in logistics? Great! The logistic job matching, anonymous up to this point, becomes a personal contact with an overview of the companies that are current looking for you at this moment. Share your profile. And submit your application documents directly through BirdieMatch simply, securely and confidentially.

Who takes part in the Job-Matching?
Logistik Jobs Community

Dispatcher, Expedient, a wide range of warehouse positions, Branch Manager, Supply Chain Manager: Our logistics marketplace is utilized by a great variety of people, from career-starters to specialists and executives. What they have in common is their dedication in the fields of logistics, freight forwarding, transport or CEP.

Numerous companies are desperately looking for the right talent to fill their vacancies effectively and sustainably. Here you get an insight into which companies are currently looking for new employees at BirdieMatch and who already found them.

BirdieMatch - Prices for companies

While the shortage of skilled workers does not stop at logistics, the approaches to solve this problem are still at the very beginning. Recruiters and HR’s often have to spend a lot of time and money to fill vacancies - and are not always successful after all. With job matching, BirdieMatch offers a targeted, fast and inexpensive solution for companies with personnel requirements in the field of logistics.

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Save 2/3 costs

compared to other portals - thanks to the flatrate principle and the faster staffing.
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Only 10 seconds

for matching results.
Stop the months of searching through a headhunter.
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Only 1 click to direct contact

our Active Sourcing brings unprecedented efficiency to recruiting.
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300€ per Month

with our flat rate you enjoy the all-round carefree recruiting program.

Put an end to lengthy and frustrating personnel searches. Discover BirdieMatch and enjoy all the advantages of digital job matching! You can find some examples of successful recruiting with BirdieMatch in our Success Stories .

Company - Employer - Recruiter
Logistik Arbeitgeber

BirdieMatch is the first job matching portal for logistics. We not only mediate specialists and managers in the office area , but also warehouse employees and driver .

Our logistics job listings make the search for a job easier, quicker and cheaper than ever before. More than 600 matching criteria, based on many years of logistics expertise, ensure goal-oriented candidate proposals. BirdieMatch is therefore more efficient and successful than any other job ad.

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